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Community Leadership Alliance Leaders-Connections That Make a Difference

I have connected with neighborhood leaders who believe that starting change on the ground level is our duty and responsibility. These leaders are dedicated and prepared to offer their resources, gifts and devotion to finding and building labors of change.

Thomas Claiborn

Thomas is the organizational leader of Broadway Heritage Neighborhood Association. He is passionate about helping leaders articulate, develop and implement their vision of change for their neighborhoods. He is the visionary specialist that sees beyond the ambiguity and challenges of neighborhood issues and empowers leaders to create a plan of change, growth and unity.

Darlene Jackson

Darlene is the organizational leader of Nevitt Neighborhood Association. Ms. Jackson embraces the idea that our greatest resource is one another and the work at the lowest level makes for lasting change. Bringing people together to collaborate, connect and plan creates a unified environment of reliability, resources and accountability.