Community Leadership Alliance

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide South Phoenix with impactful support that increases the education performance of our children, decreases crime, improves the aesthetics of our neighborhoods, makes affordable home buying and renting, and improves the health and welfare of families.


We believe that equity and equality in South Phoenix start with every resident having access to quality education, safe communities, access to quality health care, access to appropriate financial supports that assist low-income families with purchasing a home, access to sustainable employment that supports their families, access to non-predatory financial support that helps with home improvements and home buying, and healthy supportive relationships with families, neighbors, government agencies, businesses and stakeholders in South Phoenix.


The overall health of South Phoenix residents improves with collective support and resources that eliminate deficiencies in social determinants of health. We call to action neighborhood leaders, families, educational systems, hospitals, government agencies, developers, religious organizations, small businesses, corporations, community organizations, and volunteer organizations. The time is now for us to join and address the inequity and inequality South Phoenix has experienced for decades.

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