What We do

Community Leadership Alliance

What We Offer

Community Leadership Alliance teaches neighborhood self sufficiency through information sharing, reliability and accountability that creates healthy environments that benefit every resident. We equip neighborhood leaders with information, resources, and relationships that assist them with meeting their neighborhood’s responsibilities and goals. We MEET to partner and offer continuous support to neighborhood leaders. CLA is the bridge that connects neighborhood leader’s idea of wanting a healthy neighbor to being a healthy neighbor.



Make the connection

Step 1- connecting with neighborhood leaders to create their idea of a healthy neighborhood.

Step 2- brainstorming to develop a neighborhood vision of health and vitality.

Step 3 of the connection is to transition your vision to a workable concept.



Identify problems, resources, and devise implementation strategies that prepare neighborhood leaders to realistically and successfully connect with neighbors. Evaluate community supports and resources that cultivate and maintain healthy self-sufficient neighborhoods that benefits all its residents.



CLA teaches neighborhood leaders how to motivate others to get involved. How to problem solve- effective communication skills with neighbors and community partners. Informing and sharing community resources and assets.
Keeping neighborhood leaders informed about City of Phoenix future development and planning. Education regarding the benefits of a healthy community. Community Partnerships with government, private sector, police and other neighborhood leaders



Bridging through training. Each aspect from idea to implementation is supported by CLA. We don’t just start with you we help you finish. We offer workshops that teach neighborhood leader how to vision plan, what resources are available, and how to evaluate the effectiveness of your community plan. Our training connects knowledge, experience and good implementation that provides leaders with the tools of success.

Community Leadership Alliance offers an opportunity for leaders to identify, address and resolve neighborhood issues through collaborative problem-solving, trainings, information sharing, partnerships. Living in a peaceful, healthy, safe, and viable neighborhood is possible if we all work together to. CLA is a unified voice of neighborhood leaders who are dedicated to neighborhood growth that promotes and improves quality of life for all residents.