Community Leadership Alliance

Building a Healthy Community One Neighborhood at a Time
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We are informed and dedicated neighbors.

We are utilizing resources, human kindness and community partnerships to build and maintain safe, clean and resourceful neighborhoods.


Our Mission

Eliminate inequity and inequality by raising awareness of social determinants of health issues related to access to quality education, safe neighborhoods, and supports that promote healthy family growth, and locate innovative resources for low-income communities in South Phoenix so that children, individuals, and families who experience limitations due to low economic status and racial barriers will have improved equality of life and opportunities to live, work and play at their highest potential.

Our Vision

Live in social, physical, and economic environments that embody the full potential for health and well-being for all.


Social Determinants of Health

Community Leadership Alliance knows that achieving and maintaining good health is directly connected to the neighborhood in which we live.

The neighborhoods we live in impact our health. Health in the United States is unequal because health inequities are determined by where we live, learn, work, and socialize. Health Affairs Forefront reports there is a 15-year gap in life expectancy between the richest and poorest Americans. People living in low-income areas experience a higher rate of health issues, which decreases their life expectancy. Health and health inequities determine the social and economic conditions of a neighbor.

Social Determinants of Health

Every aspect of the government, the economy, stakeholders, and residents in a neighborhood has the potential to affect health and health inequities. Non-medical factors determining healthy people in a community are called Social Determinants of Health (SDOH). SDOH includes the quality of our schools, affordability and stability of our housing, access to good jobs with fair pay, and the safety of our neighborhoods, all contributing to good health and well-being. 

The Community Leadership Alliance (CLA) purpose is to assist neighborhood leaders with creating neighborhoods and environments that promote health and safety, increase educational opportunities, help adolescents and children do well in school, and increase social and community support.

South Phoenix historically has experienced poor health outcomes due to health inequity. Lower household incomes, poor-performing school systems, inequitable and unaffordable housing, high crime stats, food deserts, and racial inequalities increase their risk of illness and poor quality of life. When addressed through neighborhood connections, government systems, school systems, local businesses, and health initiatives, these social determinants of health increase life expectancy and decrease the risk of illness for residents living in South Phoenix.

Community Leadership Alliance Asset Based Approach starts documenting community assets. What assets do neighborhood leaders have to begin the process of change? CLA is committed to locating financial, political, human capital, and innovative resources that assist with changing the South Phoenix narrative from unhealthy to healthy outcomes for all its residents.

Let’s build healthy neighborhoods

Are you a neighborhood pioneer with a heart to make your neighborhood a better place to live for all the residents?

We want to provide you with all the support and partnerships you need to create and maintain a flourishing community.

Opportunities to Become an Alliance Partner

Community Means We are One Body Working Together to Achieve our Common Goals

Becoming a Partner means aligning with starting the process to address inequity and inequality in income areas of South Phoenix. Addressing problems in low economic communities requires a multifaceted approach involving the residents, community leaders, government agencies, nonprofit agencies, schools, faith-based organizations, small businesses, and corporations. We aim to improve access to early childhood education, save communities to live, work, and play in, and healthy, safe places for families to grow and develop.

We’re asking you to be an Alliance  Partner. We’re looking for support in the following areas.

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Support Needed

Advocacy and Activism- Collaborating to advocate for specific causes or policies that benefit the South Phoenix community or address social determinants of health in education, safe neighborhoods, and family support. Community Development-collaborating on projects and incentives that aim to enhance the quality of life in the community. Whether involved in cleanups, building community gardens, or advocating for infrastructure improvement.

Resource Sharing- Sharing knowledge, skills, and resources to address the social determinants of health and education, safe communities, and family support. Resource sharing also includes information about job opportunities in local and educational services. 

Volunteerism – volunteering plays a crucial role in addressing social determinants of health. It has a positive impact on individuals, families, and communities.

Financial Support– Monetary donations assist with addressing social determinants of health in the areas of access to a quality education system, safe communities (decrease crime/improve esthetics), and safe places for families to grow and thrive.